Fast Chip IIe:初探


长期以来,Apple II拥有大量的硬件来扩展,连接和增强它。其中,已经寻求并尊敬了加速器。

的Apple IIe had a few of them: the TransWarp, Titan, Speed Demon, Zip Chip, and Rocket Chip. These products have not been manufactured for 30+ years and hence they are sometimes expensive and hard to obtain, leaving some Apple users out of options.

这一切都将改变:,(Plamen Vasilov)为苹果社区提供了惊人的设备(如内存,存储和声音增强)的保加利亚天才,即将发布专门为Apple IIe设计的加速器。与较早的速度增强产品不同,它不需要移除芯片或以任何方式修改硬件。您只需将小卡插入任何插槽即可开始享受更高的速度!


的‘FASTChip //e’ accelerates the Apple //e by replacing the on-board 6502/65C02 CPU with a faster and more advanced 65C816 CPU. 的original Apple //e memory is clocked at the same 1Mhz as the original CPU. To achieve higher speeds the FASTChip // e needs to access much faster memory (SRAM). 的clever design allows the acceleration of programs running in both main and auxiliary memory. In addition the FASTChip // e provides more memory, in the form of 512Kb fast memory on the board. 的magic happens when programs are loaded into SRAM memory, allowing them to run at full speed. 的additional memory can emulate either 192 KB fast RamWorks compatible RAM or 256 KB fast RamFactor (slinky) compatible RAM.

的card is designed to draw low power and stay cool, unlike some earlier 加速器 which drew substantial power and ran hot. 的FASTChip //e has a small footprint, a very nice modern design, white PCB, sandwiched between two acrylic plates with the A2Heaven graphic. 的card logo is illuminated with LEDs which allows the user to select from an array of colors.

的most notable feature of the card is the hardware control panel: connected to the card with a long cable that allows the display and control of the CPU speed. Yes, you heard it right. You can control the CPU speed in real time. 的control panel includes control knob, buttons, and four digit-seven segment LED display that shows the current selected function. In additional you can 停 and pause the CPU. 的LED display also gives useful information such as speed, CPU status i.e. paused, 停ped, as well as memory mode and bank number.












设置好配置并开始使用Apple IIe之后,真正的乐趣就开始了。每个程序运行得更快,按下硬件控制面板旋钮将“stop” or freeze the computer which comes in handy for pausing games/other operations. You can also set the speed that you find most comfortable while using the program by rotating the knob. By pressing the left panel button you can change between current and standard 1Mhz CPU speed. Clicking the center button pauses/stops the CPU. By pressing the right button you can choose between functions. 的rotary knob will change the CPU frequency from 0.20Mhz to 16.6Mhz.

My evaluation/testing was performed on an 苹果IIe Platinum with 1 MB RAM, a mouse card, CFFA 3000 and Disk Drive Cards. Booting from the CFFA and loading programs was easy and fast. 的programs tested so far are:










Apple Disk 实用工具(通过所有测试)




So far there has been no issues or concerns with the FASTChip // e board, as all programs have worked as expected, only much faster. This card is a must-have for any 苹果IIe owner because it gives a new meaning to games that were slower in the past, hence creating a whole new gaming experience essentially.

I fully recommend the FASTChip // e card and if possible, combine it with the A2Heaven VGA adapter so the games and applications can be enjoyed in full color and hi resolution with all its glory.



哈维尔·里维拉(Javier Rivera)

我是一个// @ c狂热的苹果,出生于墨西哥,但住在佛罗里达州阳光明媚的迈阿密,这里是复古的理想之地! 我喜欢还原计算机以使其恢复昔日的辉煌。还喜欢将新技术与老式硬件相结合,为它们带来新的用途。